2013年注目の活動量計(フィットネストラッカー) 後編

2013年注目の活動量計(フィットネストラッカー) 前編の続きです。

6. Leikr GPS sportswatch
Hoping to give Garmin and Polar a run for their money, an athletic team of Nokia engineers has developed this sporty timepiece that hosts a big 2-inch Gorilla Glass screen and using their expertise in the phone-making business have created a built-in GPS that picks up quicker than other sports watches. There’s Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi connectivity which will make it compatible with existing apps like Endomondo and with the large screen it can store and display colour maps up to 8GB from OpenStreet Maps. It’s on Kickstarter so if you want it to hit its 2013 release date, get pledging.(元記事

Bluetooth、USB、Wi-FiでEndomondo等の既存のサービスと連携し、大きなサイズの画面にはカラーの地図を表示できます。地図はOpenStreet Mapsから8GB分保存できます。



7. Fitbit Flex
Joining the One and the more brightly coloured Zip, Fitbit has decided to follow in the footsteps of Nike and Jawbone by offering a fitness tracker that can be worn around the wrist. Recording calories, steps and distances the water-resistant band does not record flights climbed and have a sleep mode like the One so you will have to record the Zzzs manually on the Fitbit website. Crucially it does support Bluetooth 4.0 which means you can wirelessly update stats to the iPhone and select Android devices to get real-time information.(元記事

One、カラフルなZipに加えて、FitbitはNikeやJawboneの方向性を取り入れました。Fitbit Flexはリストバンド型のデバイスです。
 water-resistant のバンドで、消費カロリー、歩数、距離を記録しますが、Oneと違って登ったフロア数の記録と睡眠モードはありません。睡眠時間はFitbitのWebサイトで手動で登録する必要があります。

上の記事では睡眠はトラッキングしないと書いてありますが、公式の情報では商品の説明に「Wireless activity & sleep wristband」とありトラックする項目にも「Quality of sleep」(睡眠の質)と書いてあります。どっちなのかな。
Up by Jawboneなんかと違ってワンサイズっぽいのも良いですよね。いろいろサイズがあると、どれが自分の腕に合うか気になってしまうので、ワンサイズでいろいろ調整できる方がネットでは買いやすい。

8. Fitbug Orb
Providing a more affordable route to fitness tracking the button shaped device can be worn in a seven different ways including around the wrist or on your keys or even a lanyard. Using a 3-axis accelerometer to record steps, calories burned, distance covered and sleep, the Orb like the Fibug Air can sync real-time data to iOS devices via Bluetooth Smart and offers Push, Beaconing and Streaming modes of recording data with one of the most comprehensive online tools to help you stay on track.(元記事

フィットネスをもっと身近に。ボタン型のFitbug Orbは7通りの方法で身につけることが出来ます。例えば腕にはめる、鍵に付ける、携帯ストラップに付けるなど。3軸加速計で、歩数、消費カロリー、移動距離、睡眠を記録します。
また、Fitbug Airと同様、BluetoothでiOSとリアルタイムで同期。トラッキングを続けるためにオンラインサービスと関連づけます。(?)


9. BodyMedia Core 2
Updating its fitness armband unveiled at last year’s CES show, the Core 2 is a smaller device that tracks a whole lot more thanks to a combination of a three-axis accelerometer and temperature, heat flux, galvanic skin response sensors that can serve up biometric data with over 5,000 data points per minute. From sleep to exercise intensity it all hopes to give a much fuller picture of your daily lifestyle. It’s Bluetooth Smart ready to work with the BodyMedia smartphone and tablet app and if you don’t want people to know you are getting into shape, a range of interchangeable faceplates, straps and cuff will help it blend in with the rest of your attire.(元記事